Event Testimonials

I feel compeled to share that we in Trinidad and Tobago have just enjoyed an awsome experience thanks to the very passionate Darius Peace and ZM Image Consultants.Darius may God continue to bless and guide you in your work and thank you for a wonderful experience at the September exposition and the mocktails meetup….I am so excited and looking forward to my big chop.

Your book moved me to tears and I wish I could give a copy to every woman I know.

It was life changing for me hearing you speak at the Brothas Who Love Sistas With Black Hair event in Brooklyn, NY. Thank you for “the apology” and asking us to stand up and affirm our beauty to ourselves out loud and telling the person next to us how beautiful and amazing he or she is. The apology brought tears to my eyes it felt like you looked into my soul and knew exactly what I needed and want to give. I felt peace afterwards. The affirmations made me feel more connected with the other people in the room and women in general. Can you put “the apology” on your site so that we can have access to it – as a reminder? Can you do a video about what we should say to ourselves and each other to help promote confidence, self love, etc..?

I got a chance to look at your hair for a moment while I was talking to someone else. It looks healthy and full of moisture. What is your personal hair care regiment? Thank you.


This presentation was very helpful and informative you really answered the main questions and now I can purchase the right tools and products for the styles that I desire. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with others. From Trinidad.

Thank You Darrius! I have read your wonderful book, seen the great videos and now I am going to find a natural hair stylist to help me maintain my natural hair without the braids. Thanks again! Avalyn from Trinidad.